Transcription of a Letter from George Graham to Andrew Jackson (November 7th, 1816)

The following is a letter from interim Secretary of War George Graham (1816-1817) to General Andrew Jackson. He signed each of the three Treaties made with the Cherokee in 1816. The letter discusses the terms of the Treaty with the Cherokee, 1806 and the Treaty with the Chickasaw, 1816 (“late cession made by the Chickasaws”). The former outlines new boundaries to be drawn between the territory of the Cherokee and Chickasaw nations as “southward of the Tennessee river, viz. beginning at the mouth of Caney Creek…and to run up said creek to its head, and in a direct line from thence to the Flat Stone or Rock” (Article 3 of the 1806 treaty). However, the treaty promises only a negotiation of these boundaries between the United States and Chickasaw Nation. The actual cession of this land is negotiated under the 1816 treaty with the Chickasaw.

George Graham to Andrew Jackson, November 7, 1816

Department of War
7th Novem. 1816

I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your
letter of the 18th [illegible], and am pleased to find that you are about
to take prompt measures for the removal of all intruders on the lands
of the Cherokees. In consequence of information which has been received
from Gen. Meriwether, that some persons from Georgia were about to
take possession of the reservations on the North side of the Tennessee
mentioned in the treaty with the Cherokees of the 7th of January,
1806, and which are included in the late cession made by the Chickasaws,
I am instructed by the President to request, that you will persevere
in removing all intruders from that part of the lands, lately ceded by
the Chickasaws, and which lie on the North of the Tennessee river,
and particularly from the above mentioned reservations. With respect
to the intruders on the South side of the Tennessee, and who are
not protected by the act of Congress of the last session, instructions
will be forwarded to you in a short time.

The payroll of Captain Allens’ company was approved by the
late secretary of War, and the Paymaster general directed to
take immediate measures for the payment of the men. I enclose
to you Captain Allens’ [forage] return approved, and with direc-
tions to the quarter master to pay it. It was lately returned to this
[page 2]
department by the Paymaster to whom it has been sent with
the master roll, as not belonging properly to his department.

I have the honor to be,
With great respect,
Your Ob. Servant.
Geo. Graham
Actg. Secretary of War

Major Gen.
Andrew Jackson,

[page 3]
7 Nov 1816
The Sec of war, letter of the
[illegible] containing an order
to [remove] off intruders
from the reservations on
the North side of Tennessee
particularly, [illegible] all settled on
the land ceded by the chickasaws
north of the Tennessee.
The [illegible] 10th 1816


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