Transcription of Cherokee Treaty Fragment (1836)

This is just a somewhat obscure document I found in the digital archives of the Library of Congress. It is part of the Andrew Jackson Papers (1775-1874). It is dated to 1836—one year after the Treaty of New Echota (1835).

 Cherokee Treaty Fragment (1836)


The removal of the Indian tribes originally
settled in this side the Mississippi to the west of that
river, may be said to have been consummated by
the conclusion of the late treaty with the Chero-
kees. The measures taken in the execution of
that treaty will fully approve and in relation
to an Indian’s affairs generally will fully appear
by referring to the accompanying papers. With-
out dwelling on the numerous & important
topics embraced in them, I again invite your
attention to the importance of providing a well
digested & comprehensive system for the
protection, supervision, & improvement of
the various Indian tribes’ now planted in
the Indian country. The suggestions submitted
by the Commissioner of Indian Affairs,
and enforced by the Secretary on this sub
-ject, and also in regard to the establish-
ment of an extended line of posts additional mil
-itary posts in the Indian
country, are entitled to your profound
consideration. Both measures are necessary
for the double purpose of protecting the
Indians from intestine war, and in other

Note: “INTESTINE: internal with regard to a state or country; domestic; not foreign; as, intestine feuds; intestine war” (Webster, Dictionary of the English Language, 1831).


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